Bad Focus. Bad, Bad Focus.
elcome to Reviews On The Side. This site has been designed by a bevy of skilled cocktail waitresses, all trained in the ancient Chinese art of Tea Thai Chow. While this might at first seem to have nothing to do with websites or movie reviews, we promise that Tea Thai Chow is an amazingly pliable art, especially when practiced so elegantly by such an undervalued segment of American society.

We apologize for the continued lack of reviews. As ROTS truly is a place for "reviews on the side," sometimes things that are not on the side interrupt the flow of creativity. By "sometimes," we (I) mean "currently all the time." While I (we) would like to assure you that there will be future reviews, we (I) can not assure you that that will be anytime soon... or ever, for that matter.

In the meantime, consider visiting The Wren Forum, where textual shenanigans similar to those previously enjoyed here at ROTS continue on a more regular basis.

To be sure you do not miss a moment of ROTS fun, whenever it recommences, consider subscribing to our RSS feed using the ROTS RSS button at the bottom of this page. To enhance and enliven the Reviews On The Side experience, Lekowicz Heavy Industries continues to make use of semi-ancient and quasi-exhilarating technologies.


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