Seems all I can do lately is bitch about how bad the focus is in movie theaters these days. So for my own reference, as well as to provide you with unneeded proof of my anal retentive nature, I have decided to keep track of all the reviews I write that contain some complaint about focus, framing, sound, and any other bad theater experience related to miscalibrated technology. The links below lead to these reviews. (Theaters where the movies were seen are in parentheses.)


Double Jeopardy (Mann Bruin)
The Love Letter (Mann Criterion 6)
The Muse (Mann Regent)
Princess Mononoke (Laemmle's Monica)
Star Wars: Episode I--The Phantom Menace (AMC Burbank 4,235)
The Talented Mr. Ripley (Carmike Cinemas, Grand Junction, CO)
Three Kings (Mann National)


A Solution to the Badness: Kodak's ScreenCheck!
Read about it in the High Fidelity review.


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Updated April 4, 2000
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